quality over quantity

The past few years have been filled with ever evolving growth. I finally feel that I found not only a place, but a group of people to surround myself with where I feel no pressure to be anyone but myself. With this comfort has came an acceptance that the more I have, or what clothes I wear will not draw in the people I want to be in my life. Instead, I have found myself making decisions based off what I truly like and what my life to be filled with.

The concept of quality of quantity is one that has taken me awhile to grasp, but inspired me in many areas of my life. Purchasing a product that is made in the USA commonly comes hand-in-hand with a story about those who were personally involved in the making, these stories have started to inspire and motived me. I love being able to support those who have put their heart and soul into a product, especially because I aspire to someday create well made products for people such as myself.

Lately, there have been a couple different brands that have really been a constant source of inspiration for myself, along with having items that I been coveting; Imogene + Wille, A Well Traveled Brand, Hackwith DesignHouse and Cobra Rock Boot Company...and fair warning to all, you will fall in love with not only all these heavenly products, but their inspiring stories as well.


seeking inspiration

i don't know if it's the leaves turning, the cold air starting to sweep through or the potential for snowfall, but recently i have been super inspired by the dark wood, cabin type look and feel of rooms. it all makes me want to take a hot bath with a good book and never leave home till spring. what are you inspired by now that the colder months are here?

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the urge to chop // giving in

we all know the feeling when a fresh, short cut starts to become almost overwhelming appealing. most can brush off the urge, knowing their long locks are not worth giving up for such a silly temptation. i, however, have the ultimate hate, barely, sometimes love relationship with my hair causing me to give in to most things with even the tiniest of urges...leading me to a eight am hair appointment in just three days. eek!


in the works

currently playing with illustrations for a card line // stay tuned


chicken pot pie season

i've never been big into cooking or baking, but this cozy weather has been making me want to try a couple things out. i've been craving pot pie, and even though it made me a little nervous to make, i decided to just go for it. homemade crust and all, and i must say, it isn't half bad. not the best looking thing out there, but it tastes pretty darn good! and slowly but surely i'm gaining a little more confidence in my cooking skills


fall essentials // worn

boots//frye   jeans//thelimited   socks//smartwool   sweater//h&m   plaid//thrifted