wednesday's // ten things

hello there! i'm jenna, as the picture above states. mackenzie and i are friends, trying to become super cool bloggers because it's the super cool thing to do. and this us promoting each other and having some fun. you'll find me here every wednesday! whether you like it or not! 
here's 10 random and relatively unimportant things about me to kick us off:

1. i was born and raised on a farm in pullman, wa.
2. i hate scary anything. movies, haunted houses, people...
3. i'm pretty good at eating sweets. and baking is my most loved hobby.
4. i'm pretty un-cultured in the ways of the world, and would love to change it.
5. i'm known to be too sarcastic (mostly in a funny way when people are receptive) and sometimes a little insensitive (flaws!).
6. i don't particularly enjoy animals (gasp! a farm girl and everything!). i like babies though?
7.  i have a million different passions and interests that i hope to one day combine into a super awesome entrepreneurial venture.
8. i'm pretty into nail polish.
9. i think paul rudd is awesome.
10. i like gold anything the best. watches, rings, grills...

to hear more about the ever so exciting life of jenna kincaid and oh, so much more, head over to grapefruit and gold!

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