winter wishlist // cozies

My winter wishlist is of course filled with cozies to make the chilly next couple of months more enjoyable! My love for faux fur throws has gotten unbearable now that my apartment is about twenty degrees below a comfortable temperature...I've had my eye on this lovely from Pottery Barn for quite some time now. As for the tub caddy, anyone who really knows me, knows my absolute love for baths...I might just have to add this one to my attempt at being handy over winter break list. And, I mean, you can never go wrong with an infiniti scarf or some lace up Frye's...my heart melts a little whenever I look at those babies! Hope everyone has been enjoying adding cozies to their winter wishlists lately as well!

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  1. love the collage + type styling, kenz.

    1. I'm trying to branch out and work with photoshop more, we'll see how it goes!