twenty twelve // you've been real, really

Again, I apologize about completely failing to post the past couple of weeks. I have been throughly taking advantage of break by sleeping in way too late and watching ridiculous amounts of Seinfeld. And I guess now I'm right on time for the obligatory twenty thirteen post.

Twenty twelve, you've been good, really...but, I'm more than ready for the new year. This past year brought a lot of unexpected, great things and I can't wait to see where they continue to lead me.

I've never been very good at the whole resolutions thing, I normally toss out a couple at the start of the year and then never think of them again. This year I decided to look at my list of resolutions a little differently. Some goals, some reflections, more of a jumble of inspirations to start the year off on a good note.

This year I really just hope to finally jump on all of the great things that have been filling my mind the past year. That camera I bought over six months ago isn't doing me any good sitting in my room, virtually untouched. This blog isn't going to grow and improve without a real devotion to it. I always love the idea of traveling a bit, but that will never happen without a little planning. I'm constantly being inspired by everyone who is out in the world actually doing these things, now I just need to take that step and join in.

Twenty thirteen, I have a feeling we're going to get along great!

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