For real this time

It seems to me that all I can capable of posting about is how I suck at posting...I need to get myself out of this seriously unmotivated slump brought on by my lack of free time asap! Maybe a little better time management skills and less lying around in the little bit of free time I get would help? Just maybe...So here's to an overly mapped out coming week, that will hopefully be sun filled!

As you can probably guess, life hasn't been extremely thrilling for me lately...but here's a couple little things that have kept me going...

One:: I fell in love with that snazzy mug from Starbucks, there's just something great about using a new mug, especially on a morning with sun streaming in! Two:: New ten dollar scarf, I call that a steal! Three:: Iced coffee...you know what that means...springs on its way (eeeek!) Four:: Finally got a pair of combat style boots...is it acceptable that I haven't taken them off since they came in?! Five:: Bright nails! Six:: This new lens...

For real this time, I promise you I will return this week! (Pinky promise!)

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