nutella crepes and coffee shop dreams

A couple of weeks ago I flew over to Seattle to visit the sister, since she's no longer a Belling-ham(p?)ster. I was also lucky enough to get a day to catch up with my lovely friend Jenna, who's my partner-in-crime when it comes to exploring cute coffee shops, eating far too many carbs, and seriously walking our booty's off! We started our day on Capitol Hill, touching down at Stumptown Coffee and Mod Pizza on our way downtown, and ending things with the most heavenly Beecher's mac and cheese (just promise yourself not to think about calories as you're shoveling it in, and nothing will be better!) 

Oh, also, I ate my first crepe ever...and am now on a mission to find somewhere near by that I can indulge in a little more frequently...Miss Haley Story, you opened me up to something dangerous...

Lets just say, I was in complete food heaven all weekend. Thank you, Seattle, thank you! Now I'm off to dream about Nutella crepe's and my future coffee shop dreams...

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