the not bucket list, bucket list

Miss Jenna from Grapefruit and Gold tagged me the other day in her opposite bucket, just as a little kick in the butt reminder to get blogging...she knows me oh too well.

Bucket Lists are one of those things that I always think sound like such a "fun" and "inspiring" way to get myself dreaming and planning for the future...but lets be real, has anyone ever actually made it past ten on your list, let alone actually looked back to cross something off? I definitely haven't...which makes Jenna's opposite bucket list perfect for me.

>> I never want to get so caught up in things such as work, or money that I'm not putting enough focus on my family

>> I never want to get myself so stuck in a rut that I lose sight of what I'm really capable of and what matters

>> I never want to stop telling every single person that really matters to me that I love them

>> I never want to stop creating, I don't care what it is or what it's for, but I don't ever want to lose that passion

>> I never want my (future) kids to grow up thinking everything will be handed to them, or without a dog...no kid should grop up without a dog (the real important things, guys!)

Now, I challenge the rest of you to create an opposite bucket list for yourself! Not one you have to cross things off of, but one that makes you think about how you really want to continue living your life

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