sneak peak + a little time to vent

Yesterday afternoon Hannah, Katie and I set out with hot coffee, American flags, and high hopes of getting my photography final finished. Surprisingly, we accomplished just that plus, had some fun and didn't completely freeze our butts off! Here's a sneak peak...

And now, I vent...(feel free to skip over this, I understand)

With less than two actual weeks of class left, I finally feel like there's a little hope that I'm not just going to completely give up...or at least I thought. If only the end of a semester didn't also mean registering for the next...registering for classes might actually end up being the reason for my dropping out of college. I'm pretty sure advisors are really just set out to make your life a living hell...who's thinking running away to some far away place sounds a million times better than finishing college? (Pretty sure the past two weeks have only resulted in endless cuss words running through my head...I. Hate. College.)


  1. you need to blog more, you fool! love da pics.

  2. Yes yes yes, I know. I will do my best once my life is filled with more than just work and class!