that after vacation slump

Ins't vacation supposed to bring on a calm, invigorating feeling that provides you with a great dose of motivation? 

I'm pretty sure I've just been broken since vacation ended...zero motivation, paired with a long list of things to do is not getting me very far. I keep putting off summer school homework till thirty minutes before it's due, I'm supposed to be out of my apartment tomorrow and all I've done the past two times I've been there is move my stuff from one room to another, helpful? I'm sure...? And lets not even talk about work...cause honestly...I have basically been avoiding it altogether. Yikes. But hey guys, oh the plus side, I got a new job at a coffee shop! And, I'm puppy sitting the cutest fluff ball ever this weekend, maybe it'll help me convince the boy that we really do need another pup, just maybe?

Happy Thursday, everyone! 

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