craving fall

I want sweaters, hot coffee and chilly mornings. As much as I love the hot sun and ability to actually get a tan, the 90 degree days we have been having this summer have tired me out a bit early. Usually at this time I would be waiting patiently for the new semester to start, getting excited about the first week of fresh classes...but I'm sure once tests and stacks of homework start coming around for others my excitement of taking the year off will actually set in.

I also move into my house in t minus two days, it'll be a crazy feeling to actually have all my things at my disposal again, and hopefully it'll give me some sort of inspiration and motivation to do more than work this coming year. And don't worry, I'm hoping to actually show some pictures of the house once we get all settled in...the next two weeks will be a little crazy, so the boxes probably won't get fully unpacked for a couple weeks. (Keep your fingers crossed for high levels of motivation from me...I might actually have a closest I can look in without pure frustration)

And yes, I have begun wearing jeans again...in hopes that it'll bring on some cooler weather, even though in all reality I just end up sweating my buns off in 85 plus weather...

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