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College has been an interesting experience for me so far, much different than what I had expected. I have yet to get the 'best years of my life' feeling, or found a path that I feel is truly what I want to be doing later on in life, and maybe, I'll never have those things with college, maybe, I don't fit that mold, or maybe, my expectations were just a little too high. No matter what it is, I'm excited to take this coming year off of school, a little weird-ed out by the idea still but also excited to persure things I actually have an interest in, and hopefully it'll lead me to where I need to be in school.

That said, I'm making promises to myself to not just work and be lazy, but instead to try things that I have always wanted but never really had the time for. I want to garden. I want to take a pottery class. I want to cook. I want to blog. I want to build something. I want to simplify the things in my life. Ultimately, I want to create, anything and everything I desire to. I'm excited to see where this year takes me. 

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  1. love this. also...gardening....yes....we will be discussing this as it is the newest of my hobbies within my quest for a hippie-glam lifestyle.