a mini tangent, of sorts

why the heck is it that choosing a name for something; a business, a blog, a person...seems to be such a chore? i'm always having second thoughts about this darn blog name, which, mind you, took me a solid year to even think of and half settle on it. doesn't it just scream 'oh, i wish i was a fashion blog' or 'oh, i wish i created cutesy little photo collage'? 'cause, guys, that really isn't what i'm going for. well, actually i don't really know what i'm going for, but here's to a school free year of trying to figure it all out (along with life, yikes!)

lately, all i've wanted to do is write, about what you ask? i was hoping you could tell me, i have no idea, all it has done for me is made me realize that my creative writing skills are completely subpar. so please bear with me and my subpar blog posts, that lack any sort of photo because my spend-y little camera i haaad to have is currently sitting in the back of my closet...yes, i know, a ridiculously unoriginal photo of the sky with a cheesy caption would be better than nothing, i will try and pull it together soon.

also, prepare yourself for many more pointless tangents such as this, while i attempt to figure out what role exactly this blog is supposed to play in my life.

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