the last pair

ya know the day when you finaaaaly run out of your 'good' undies to wear? i almost thought today was going to be that day, but after rummaging forever i came across what has to be my last pair! instantly my day was changed, i knew it was destined to be a good one now. because of this magical moment, i decided to curl my hair and wear something other than a v-neck (it's a miracle, i know!)

despite the curled hair and snazzy shirt, my day seems to be nothing out of the ordinary. i bought some new coffee, only cause i'm a sucker for good packaging, and have patiently sat at work for the past seven hours doing just about nothing with myself. miss jenna and i are meeting up once i'm off for a quick photo-sesh, which, if successful, you'll be seeing photos soon! i promise, i promise!

i also drew up that new header you see above this, which, due to complete frustration will look all awkward and weird until i motivate myself to create something better.

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