quality over quantity

The past few years have been filled with ever evolving growth. I finally feel that I found not only a place, but a group of people to surround myself with where I feel no pressure to be anyone but myself. With this comfort has came an acceptance that the more I have, or what clothes I wear will not draw in the people I want to be in my life. Instead, I have found myself making decisions based off what I truly like and what my life to be filled with.

The concept of quality of quantity is one that has taken me awhile to grasp, but inspired me in many areas of my life. Purchasing a product that is made in the USA commonly comes hand-in-hand with a story about those who were personally involved in the making, these stories have started to inspire and motived me. I love being able to support those who have put their heart and soul into a product, especially because I aspire to someday create well made products for people such as myself.

Lately, there have been a couple different brands that have really been a constant source of inspiration for myself, along with having items that I been coveting; Imogene + Wille, A Well Traveled Brand, Hackwith DesignHouse and Cobra Rock Boot Company...and fair warning to all, you will fall in love with not only all these heavenly products, but their inspiring stories as well.

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